S pace S

«A space, a tight wire, five ropes, a wheel, a contrabass, three bodies: It is all there, but all is left to be done.»

The space is in constant transformation, resulting in human exclusion or collaboration, enabling discoveries and construction games. It expands until a complete loss of bearings, before reseting to reveal the pleasure of the available space.

S pace S is a work about bodies, architectures, boundaries and overcoming them. The raw materiality of the set, the physicality of the sound, and the necessity of the movement, turn it into a contemplative and timeless experience.

By playing with lines, the body within the space, range from power to helplessness. This is a journey through a series of refined landscapes.

Length: 60 minutes

Audience: All type

Performers: Nathalie Bertholio, Simon Deschamps, Marco Quaresimin

Musical composition: Marco Quaresimin

Outside Eyes: Martin Cerf, Katarina Lundmark